Black Sheep Coffee General

Why Just Light Roast?

Less is more.

The longer you cook anything the more flavor you cook off and turn to carbon.  We try to find the best most intense flavor for each coffee and not just the most heaviness.

But- We know where you're coming from.  Dark roast is often overdeveloped but still tastes like dark roast.  When light roast is poorly executed it can be sour, unpleasant, or worse.  If you've had bad experiences with light roast you may be ordering dark to be safe.  It doesn't mean you have bad taste, just a bad experience.  Our light roast is well developed- meaning there is plenty of sugar and body to balance out that sparkling acidity.  We find the sweet spot for each coffee and check each roast carefully to make sure only the best goes in your cup.

Where is my coffee actually from?

Coffee is grown in warm beautiful places near the equator.  Coffee farmers cultivate their trees for generations, selecting and breeding new disease resistant varieties while simultaneously selecting for peak flavor and yield.  Sometimes the farmer also processes and exports the coffee, but usually the seeds go to a mill or processing plant.  This mill then finishes the coffee, and sells it to a broker or importer or a series of these.  It is at this stage that we encounter the coffee- as a sample located somewhere between the tree and our shelf.  We sample many offers and pick the ones that stand out not only for flavor but also in character.  We care deeply about taste and the experience of coffee, but also about making good choices that do good.  We support living wages for farmers and their families, and reward excellent coffee farmers by paying a premium for quality. 

Um, what do I order?

:)  Treat yourself.  We want you to be happy.  Pick the ones that you think will make you happy.  Then try the other ones too.  They're tasty.

If you're brand new to Black Sheep Coffee - order THE KENYA.  It'll melt your face off in a good way.

Black Sheep Coffee Beans

How much coffee is in each bag?

14 ounces in each bag.  When you roast one U.S. pound- you get 14 ounces.  Just about.  Also my family drinks almost exactly that much each week with enough to share a cup or two with the neighbors.

Roasting & Shipping Details

We roast beans at our shop in South Saint Paul three times per week - Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. We pack and ship our orders the following day so orders get shipped from our cafe to you on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

On Mondays we ship all orders that have been placed prior to 8am central that day. Same thing goes for Thursdays and Saturdays.

When one of our scheduled roasting or shipping days occurs on a holiday we will skip that day and go to the next scheduled ship date (i.e. if Monday's a holiday then we'll ship Thursday and so on and so forth).

We're a small shop and we appreciate your patience and support with our shipping schedule!


I am out of Black Sheep Coffee - Ohnoes!

I hear you.  This is an awful moment but we will get through this.  Let's take a look at your schedule and maybe set up a subscription eh?








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