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I'm Peter and I love coffee. Really good, delicious, aromatic, make you weak in the knees coffee.

We opened the Black Sheep Coffee Cafe 11 years ago in my hometown, South Saint Paul, Minnesota. We've sold beans at the cafe for a long time, but this year we're adding something new: coffee pods for single serve brewers.
The Single Serve Coffee Universe (much like Marvel and DC) has two main downfalls: the poor quality of the coffee brewed from a pod and the immense piles of garbage created by pods.
I wanted to solve that first problem by making pods with not just coffee, but truly special coffee. I personally trained as a q-grader, someone who is focused on taste and calibrated to note small qualities in coffee, skills that are essential in insuring quality and consistency across roasting, packing, etc. Specialty coffee is sweet, clean, and reflects its origin. Basically, my team and I do the exhausting work of finding and finishing great coffees so your experience can be simple and delicious every time.
We've solving that second problem by working with George, another Minnesota resident with a pretty damn cool machine that allows us to use our patented fully compostable pods. It's unique, truly special. The package is one step- the whole thing is organic material that breaks down into soil. No fiddling with it, just toss it into your cities' organic recycling.
If you're like many of my friends you use a Keurig at work but a bit more refined coffee system at home. We've got you covered everywhere. Seriously, EVERYWHERE. Beans for home, pods for work. Pods for home, beans for school. Beans in space, pods at the playground. Anywhere you want good coffee, we'll be there.
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